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We Help Your Team Set-up

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The Roadmap to Success:

We Find the Perfect Spot

Based on your company's industry, HR talent and logistics needs, we find the best site for your company to establish.

This is the beginning. If we want to start with the right foot, we have to set up the basis well. Weather you are a manufacturer or a services company it is essential to make a proper site selection for your operations to succeed. Mexico has several clusters and industrial hubs that could benefit your company and we want to make sure you land in the best one.

In order to get this this part right we have develop a step-by-step method that will ensure a successful start-op for your company.

Our Site Selection Methodology

Our Strategy Session

First things first. We have to sit down and have a Strategy Session. Don't worry, this is 100% free.

We first want to understand your company and be sure that moving operations to Mexico is something that fits your needs.

In this session, one of our business development reps will ask you a series of questions about your company, your industry and your overall operations. It doesn’t take more than 45 minutes to get all of the information we need.

The perfect spot depends pretty much on three main factors:

  1. Where your raw materials come from (if you are a manufacturer).
  2. Your company’s need for talented workforce in a special field. 
  3. Where your clients are located.


Our Site Selection Study

With the information gathered from your company we start researching the different regions to find the one that best suits your company's operations.

We then proceed to create a document including different potential locations for the project, with the advantages and disadvantages of each location clearly drawn up.

You can expect your document to include:

  1. The regions industrial and labor costs.
  2. Logistics Potential.
  3. Infrastructure.
  4. Access to technical schools.
  5. Government incentives.
  6. Political issues.
  7. Ports & airports in the region.

Our Loyalty Agreement

At this point it's very important for us to give you peace of mind and formalize our loyalty to our customers.

If everything seems right and you are ready to take the next step, we take the following actions:

  1. We sign an NDA together. This protects your delicate information.
  2. We sign a limited power of attorney. This allows Start-ops to act on behalf of your company in Mexico for a series of legal acts that will be needed.
  3. We open a Client Portal for you, where you will be able to follow the entire process real-time. This makes the process really transparent.

We Set-up The Real Estate

Once the site is chosen, we evaluate, negotiate and obtain the real estate that best suits your operations and we help you get everything installed so everything is up and running smoothly in your company's second home.

So we have chosen the best site for your company to start-ops. Great! Now we carry on to find the exact Real Estate location in which you will be performing you operations.

Depending on your industry you have special Real Estate needs like access to logistics infrastructure, space requirements et cetera. And, let’s face it, we all like to have a nice home. Your company’s home in Mexico shouldn’t be an exception.

This is a big deal so in order to make it right we have a procedure that will get this done hassle-free.

Our Real estate selection process

Our Real Estate Selection Session

We already have a good insight of your company's needs and now we want to dig a little deeper into the specific requirements of the facilities that you need.

For this we make a short working session in which your business development rep will ask you some specific questions such as:

  1. Size and measurements
  2. Building type and technical specifics
  3. Tenant improvements needs.
  4. Logistics needs.

Our Real Estate Study

With the information gathered from our working session we start researching the different real estate options in the region to find the one that best suits your company’s operations.

We then proceed to create a document including different potential real estate options for the project, with the advantages and disadvantages of each clearly drawn up. 

You can expect your document to include:

  1. Photos & Videos of the real estate.
  2. Highlights of the industrial park & cluster.
  3. A map of the city with the exact location of the real estate.
  4. A layout of the facilities with its specifications.

When required we will include a buying vs leasing analysis.

Negotiation Time

Once you have chosen the real estate that best suit your needs, it's time for us to negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

Our expertise and knowledge of the Mexican real estate industry makes this process easy. We will negotiate the best deal for your company while keeping you informed of the entire negotiation through our robust platform in your client portal.

Formalizing the Deal

Under Mexican Law, an acquisition of real estate requires certain legal compliances that require different formalities.

 With the power of attorney that you have signed we can fulfill all of this easily. It is not that complicated, you just have to know the due process of the Mexican legal system. We will summarize everything in a document with the proper attachments to your legal documents.

You can expect this document to include:

  1. Your real estate contract formalized before a public notary.
  2. Due diligence to money laundering laws.
  3. Payment receipts for all taxes due.


We Help Your Team Set-up

We provide your current management team and their families with full Expatriate Relocation Support. From Immigration assistance, finding a home to live in and a school for their kids, to making sure they have fun & entertainment. We simply take care of everything.

Up to this point we already know exactly where your new facilities will be. We’re almost done! Now we carry on to assist your management team to smoothly relocate.

We take this part really serious. We know this is your people so we do our very best in order to see them enjoy their staying. Our relocation program is really straight forward and all of the annoying and boring parts of the moving process are taken care by us. Your team will feel like it’s going on a vacation.

Our Expatriate Relocation Program

Home Hunting

While looking for the industrial real estate, we start looking for homes to your team.

We make a selection of the best neighborhoods around for them to choose the one that they like the most. We send them a document with several options to choose from.

You can expect the document to include:

  • Photos and videos of the houses.
  • Highlights of the neighborhoods and their surroundings.
  • Brochures of the best schools in town.


Immigration Services

We provide a full package of immigration services.

Your team won’t need to bother with all of the boring legal stuff involved. We handle everything.

Our services include:

  • Obtaining temporary and permanent residency.
  • Obtaining working permits and visas
  • Assistance with consular services.
  • Airport welcome.

Orientation Tour

Once your team has arrived we give them an orientation tour for them to get up on the right foot.

This is a small introductory course in which we show them around and layout all the basics needed to live in the new location.

We show them things like:

  • How to setup utilities.
  • How & where to rent, lease or buy a car
  • Best shopping places
  • Formalities such as Driving Licence, Tax Id, Social Security Number etc.

Ongoing Support

Relocating is hard so, once they are settled, we help them turn their everyday life into a pleasant experience.

We want to see your team happy. Happy people are productive people.

Amongst the things we assist them with are:

  • Tours & Activities
  • Security & Safety
  • Lease Tracking & Renewals

We Hire and Manage Everything

We provide you with a full package of Administrative Shelter Services that include everything from hiring your human resources, accounting services and tax compliance, legal, operational & environmental permits. Whatever you can think of, we got you covered.

We want you to be able to focus 100%  on your operations and the quality of your products, not worrying about Mexican laws and boring compliance tasks. Everything you need to manage the administrative side of the business, we got it.

Our team of experts take care of all administrative functions and compliance with Mexican legal requirements. From customs, taxes, environmental permits and HR to purchasing your office supplies and consumables. We got your back.

So once your team has settled it and it’s sitting back, relaxing and enjoying some nice margaritas we proceed to fulfill all of the boring legal compliance and administrative tasks. 

Our Administrative Shelter Program

Human Reources

We help you gather a great team of talented people to work for your company as direct and indirect labor.

Mexican labor laws can get complex and require some formality when doing this process but don’t worry, we do it hassle-free for you and present you with the results. Amongst the thing we do are:

  • Searching for talented individuals
  • Recruiting and Screening
  • Hiring
  • Handling Labor Relations
  • Facility Services
  • Cafeteria Services
  • Security Management

Accounting & Tax Compliance

We will be delivering accurate and punctual financial information about your business through our IT platform.

We handle everything and report it to you:

  1. Monthly Reports
  2. Invoicing
  3. Collecting Process
  4. Payment to Local Suppliers
  5. Payroll Reports
  6. Purchasing
  7. Tax Compliance & Payment


Legal & Operational Permits

While looking for the industrial real estate, we start looking for homes to your team.

Some industries require more compliance than others but anything you need regarding legal and operational compliance, you can rest assure that will be taken care of.

Safety, Security & Environmental

While looking for the industrial real estate, we start looking for homes to your team.

  1. Industrial Hygiene
  2. Industrial Safety and Security
  3. Environmental Compliance
  4. Safety Culture


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